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Hey guys! So the band Reverse Order is a Pop/Punk.
The band includes John Russo- Vocals, Guitar.
Cruise Russo- Drums, Vocals.
Drew Katsock- Guitar.
Frank Spangler- Bass.
They are from Hackettstown, NJ.
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read this!

hey guys! I won a white ipad 2 wifi 16gb in a raffle that I honestly doubted I’d win and I already have an ipad, so, I’m gonna give it away!

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Today is the day! Starland Ballroom concert. If you’re going I’ll see you there! If not, go buy a ticket you’re going to miss out on an awesome show! Doors open at 3:30 get there early the parking lots fill fast.

A couple of my friends and I hung out with Cruise and John yesterday at TGI Fridays and had a delicious dinner! You can too! Just messages the guys on their personal facebooks an they’d be glad to hang with you and your friends :) Only 4 more days!

No not you’re dog’s birthday….. It’s THE ACTION ITEM CONCERT! Reverse Order is one of the opening bands! If you still need a ticket don’t wait till the last minute get them now! This is a show you aren’t going to want to miss! The boys are still offering to hang out a give you the tickets! If you get the the day of the show they will be more then $15 or they could be sold out. So don’t wait! The boys are selling them for only $15 no services charges. You can buy them on there website (there are no service charges when bought from THEIR website). If you want to meet up with them message them on Facebook they’d be glad to hang out with you!

Only 18 days till Reverse Order is playing at Starland Ballroom w/ Action Item! Make sure to get your tickets ASAP. You can purchase tickets with out service charge from the boys or their website

did you know John and Cruise have their own clothing line?! check it out! it’s called Just Dance Apparel.

Action Item, Burnham, Megan & Liz (feat. Memphis High), Hollywood Ending, Kicking Daisies, The Call Out, and Reverse Order. The doors open at 3:30! It’s an all ages concert so don’t miss out!

tickets available here:

Tickets are only $15! The show is at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. If you want to purchase a ticket you can message the boys on facebook and they’d be glad to come hang out with you and your friends! You can also buy them at . There’s no service charge if you buy from there or the boys. Hope to see you guys there!